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Bizzaro In a world full of reality TV and lackluster entertainment, Bizzaro. The Optical Illusionist strives to prove that “normal” is just the setting on a dryer. Bizzaro has performed from coast to coast and appeared on FOX, NBC, America’s got Talent, CW’s Master’s of Illusion and the Travel Channel’s Extreme Conventions. He is a regular performer at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.He also creates original magic that is sold across the world. His creations have even been seen on TV shows such as Ellen, The Late, Late Show, The Carbanaro Effect, and Wizard Wars on Syfy. He specializes in fabricating magic for other entertainers (including David Copperfield and Gallagher) and is a creative director and lecturer.

David Parr

David ParrDavid Parr created and costarred in Chicago’s longest-running magic show, which was chosen by the Travel Channel as one of the top nine magic shows in the nation! (Because top ten lists are so passé.) In addition to being a frequent performer at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, he was an artist in residence at the new Chicago Magic Lounge, where his show David Parr’s Cabinet of Curiosities had a successful yearlong run. His most recent show, Dark Magic, debuted at Chicago’s Otherworld Theatre in April.Magic fans will recognize David from his appearance on the hit TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us on The CW network. In an episode titled “Does This Trick Ring a Bell?” (Season 4, Episode 5), David’s magic skills were put to the ultimate test in front of the cameras, a live audience of hundreds, millions of TV viewers, and two very savvy Las Vegas magicians. (Spoiler alert…) David fooled them all and took home the coveted Fool Us trophy — and won a guest spot in the duo’s live show at the Rio Hotel!Around Halloween, David can often be found haunting atmospheric locations with original shows such as Haunting History, a guided tour of the shadowy territory where history meets myth and folklore, and Visions of Poe, an interactive journey into the tales and poems of Edgar Allan Poe.Among magicians, David is best known for his theatrical performing style and his writing and teaching skills. He is the author of several very well-regarded books for magicians. For a decade or so, David was a featured columnist, proofreader, and copy editor for MAGIC Magazine. His thought-provoking writings about the art of magic have also been featured in publications in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, and Sweden. Jon Racherbaumer included David on his short-list of “notable theorists” in magic, alongside Tommy Wonder, Juan Tamariz, and René Lavand.David has provided guidance and instruction to magicians around the world, including at the Magic Castle and in his own Penguin Live lecture. He has also released a number of his inventions to the magic market, such as A Game of Life & Death, Proof Positive, 7 Sins, and Slow-Motion Swindle. His latest offerings are Paper Prophecies, an ebook in which he teaches three amazing prediction effects; Brain Food: Gourmet Edition, an updated digital version of his highly acclaimed first book; and Copycat, the trick that fooled Penn & Teller.

Chris Philpott

Chris PhilpottChris has created and scripted effects for many of the world’s greatest magicians including Derren Brown, Justin Willman, Cyril Takayama and two America’s Got Talent finalists, David and Leeman and The Clairvoyants. He has written and created effects for two shows for The Illusionists including the Lionsgate co-production Now You See Me Live. Chris’s effects are in the repertoire of thousands of magicians and have been translated into dozens of languages. Criss Angel producer, Joe Monte, called his “100th Monkey” “Revolutionary!” (the YouTube video of David and Leeman performing it on America’s Got Talent has 15 million views). Penn Gillette called his “End of my Rope” “A great trick! A great trick!” His other effects include Pantheon (“Brilliant! I love this! – Banachek), “All Tied Up” (“One of the most powerful tricks you’ll ever do with a deck of cards.” – Steve Valentine), and the book Intimate Mysteries (“One of the best books I’ve EVER owned!”-Stephen Young). When Dan Harlan (host of the Penguin lectures, a weekly series of internet lectures by prominent magicians) was asked “On the topic of lectures, what’s been your most memorable moment?” Dan answered, “Chris Philpott. He brought the most dramatic presentations, things where you really cared about what was going on. Really, really smart thinking.”In 2018, Chris wrote and directed a close up show for Mike Elizalde – the show played for two weeks at the Magic Castle to rave reviews (“Run, don’t walk, to the Castle to see Mike Elizalde in the Close-Up Room. An absolutely amazing, one-of-a-kind performance. A theatrical marvel!” – Jim Steinmeyer, Magic Castle president. “The best event in the Close-up Gallery I’ve seen in 55 years! That’s all – just the best!” – Joan Lawton, Magic Castle Board Member.)