November 8-10, 2019

Bizzaro holding a roll of red duct tape, pulling out one end with his name written on it. He has a piece of tape over his mouth with a smile on it.

Island Magic Show
Friday November 8, 2019. 
Doors Open at 6:00pm
Showtime at 6:15pm.
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This one-night-only production brings together the best magicians on Vancouver Island and host Bizarro -straight from Las Vegas for a night of impossibility and hilarity you’ll remember for years!

Millenial launching cards from one hand to the other in front of him while standing in front of a brick wall.

Sunday November 10, 2019
Doors Open at6:15pm
Showtime at 6:30pm
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Technology. Magic. Millennial. With performances across Canada, Jason Verners is a rising star in Canada entertainment industry and returns to Vancouver with his all-new show “Millennial”, promising to make you rethink what is possible and consider the magic right under your nose. 

3 of Clubs Logo

Stars of Magic Gala Show
Sunday November 10, 2019
Doors at 7:45pm
Showtime at 8:00pm
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The city’s oldest magic society has assembled some of the most creative minds in the industry to present a never-to-be-repeated production of true impossibility. Their magic has been seen on AGT, Masters of Illusion,Wizard Wars and more. David Pare, Chris Philpott, Bizarro, Shawn Farquhar – THESE are the people magicians fly around the world just to be fooled, and they are in Vancouver together for one night, one show.

Since time immemorial (for some Junior Members anyways…) the West Coast magic community has forged strong relations through our passion for excellence within the discipline of magic performance. Through a strong network of magic clubs and enthusiasts, we have gained an international reputation as one of the most welcoming and fun magic communities in the world! You should all be as proud of this fact as we are.

Come see what your West Coast magic family has to offer in 2019, and see what makes us one of the best magic communities in North America!

Though its name has evolved from its earlier “Weekend of Magic” Days, this rotating convention is hosted every year by:

Showcasing both local talent and stars of magic from abroad!